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At East Tennessee Landscaping we offer a variety of services to fulfill your landscaping needs.

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Landscape Installation

At East Tennessee Landscaping our number one priority is making your home or commercial business a source of pride and joy year round. Our knowledgeable staff is available to work with you on the landscaping design that best fits the look and needs of your property. Offering free estimates, we will gladly meet with you to discuss what you have in mind regarding design as well as budget specifics. Whether you enjoy yard work or would rather have something low maintenance, we can design and select flowers, shrubbery, and trees that will work with your desired level of maintenance. We also offer weekly or monthly lawn care services to keep your yard or business looking the best at all times!


Mulch Bed

Mulch bed maintenance helps reduce the amount of weeds that take root in your flower garden and shrubbery beds. Mulching covers the soil in your flower beds not only serving as a protective coating for your desired plants, but also as protection from unwanted new weed growth. Not to mention, mulching done the proper way within a landscape design adds curb appeal to your home or office, giving the exterior of the building added character and charm.

Spring and Fall cleanup


The changing of the seasons brings new plant life and beauty! But, it also means cleaning up from the last season that left your yard with traces of decaying leaves and debris. Don't worry! East Tennessee Landscaping offers a wide variety of services to make sure your yard is back in tip top shape! Whether it's removing plant debris, fallen limbs or decayed trees, mowing the grass, redefining plant bed and yard edges, pruning or trimming, fertilization, or repairing any damaged areas of your lawn - Whatever the need, ETL has you covered!



Do you love to be outdoors here in the Tri-Cities, in your own backyard, enjoying the scenery, but have no place to sit and relax? We have the perfect solution. Let East Tennessee Landscaping design and install your dream patio! We'll help you choose the materials that best suit the need and look of the area you're wanting to upgrade. ETL will work with you to make sure your vision for your outdoor living space is executed to perfection. Don't forget that having clearly marked walk ways through your yard or business property help to keep your flowers and plants from getting accidentally trampled on! Choose pavers or natural stone to achieve a modern or rustic look for yoru home or business. Stone walk ways are an easy to care for hardscape element that not only add character to your property, but are also practical for everyday use!

Tree, Brush, Shrub Removal


Sometimes you simply need a cleanup! If the trees or shrubs in your yard are getting out of hand, call East Tennessee Landscaping! Whether it's completely removing trees, brush or shrubs that have become overgrown and too large for your yard or business property, or if your current landscaping needs shaping up, let our team handle all of your landscaping needs! Often it's as simple as trimming trees and bushes back into shape to give your yard or commercial business property curb appeal! Remember, first impressions are extremely important when dealing with potential clients. If your business property looks clean and professional your clients know you pay attention to detail and take pride in your reputation here in the Tri-Cities! Let us help your first impression be unforgettable with our tree, brush and shrub removal and trimming services!

Driveway Sealing


Having a damaged or dirty driveway can be an eyesore when trying to up the curb appeal of your home or commercial business! Driveways are often spotted with oil and other automotive fluids which create unsightly stains! Though landscaping is important, a clean, smooth driveway surface finishes off the well maintained look you are wanting to achieve. The experts at East Tennessee Landscaping offer driveway sealing services that can make your home or office driveway look better than new. Driveway sealing is a great way to keep your home or business driveway and paved areas well maintained so that you get the maximum usage out of your pavement investments!

Pond/Waterfall Installation


To make your home or commercial business property feel like a peaceful oasis, contact East Tennessee Landscaping for their pond and waterfall installation services! Whether it's adding a small water feature to the corner of your yard, or making a natural stone waterfall the focal point, ETL will listen to your design needs and work to make sure the final outcome exceeds your expectations! Water features add a level of luxury to your outdoor living space. Let East Tennessee Landscaping here in the Tri-Cities, TN take your property to the next level!

Senior Discount

Senior Discounts

Here at East Tennessee Landscaping we offer senior citizen discounts to

those 65 and older! 

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